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Geri Strange Photography Tips

Tips to Prepare for a Photo Shoot


  • When picking out your outfits, keep patterns to a minimum. However, layering is a great look, with scarves, vests, and jackets. 

  • If we are doing a photo shoot along a trail, make sure to have walking shoes. You can change into your shoes for the photo when we get to the destination. 

  • If possible, wash your hair the night before. This helps keep fly-a-ways to a minimum. 

  • Bring a brush and makeup for retouches during the photo shoot. 

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before. 

  • Come with a smile on your face!


  • A great color combination includes parents in neutrals and kids in bright colors. 

  • Look on Pinterest for color combinations and ideas for prints and patterns to go with solid colors.

  • Make sure clothes fit and are comfortable to wear for everyone. 

  • Do not all dress alike (for example, white shirts and jeans). Change it up with complimentary colors and shades.

  • Make sure younger children are fed and happy. Bring treats and favorite stuffed animals. These are always good for a smile. 

  • Bring treats if we are getting your family pet into the group!

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