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Pet Photography

"At the beginning of February 2014, I found out that my pup (Tucker) of 11 1/2 years was not doing well. I wanted to remember him for the adventurous side of him. As you can imagine, time was not on my side and I searched for photographers online. This is where I found sketch studio and Geri Strange. I told her that I wanted to get photos of my pup, but I would have to have them done quickly due to Tucker's illness. Geri was quick to understand my situation and we scheduled an appointment within a couple of days. We made sure that we would have the right lighting outside when we were taking the photos. I explained that I wanted to see my pup play catch, which was his favorite, and I wanted to have a picture of us taking out somewhat final walk. Geri did everything that I asked for and more! Geri did a fantastic job on these photos and cherish them to this day. Not too long after our photo session, I had to say goodbye to my best friend of some many years. When it was time to pick up my photos from Geri, she was so compassionate about everything. Seeing the final results of the photos brought so much joy to me." - Julie

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