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We try hard to bring out your personality through posing, lighting techniques and custom backgrounds. A typical two hour session includes an hour inside and an hour outside and includes as many changes of clothes, props, pets and friends that you would like. And except for the entertainment of watching us trip over cords, run into equipment and drop the occasional bad joke, you can count on being comfortable and satisfied while you're here and once you see your images. Don't forget to bring your ipod into the studio so you can listen to your brand of music. We like it all! 

Senior Spokesmodel Program

We are located in Kent Ohio between Kent Roosevelt high school and Stow high school on North Mantua between Diggers Bar and Grill and Sheetz. Other close schools include Hudson high school, Ravenna high school, Field high school, Streetsboro high school, Aurora high school, Tallmadge high school. We serve Portage County, Summit County, and Cuyahoga County.

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